all things said.

Sivu - Strangers in the Night

glamorous, mysterious and oh, so romantic. reminds me of Paris at night.

Jessie Ware - Share It All

co-written by Romy xx (you can hear it in the minimalist approach), this is yet another stunning, gorgeous cut. 

Shura - Just Once

NEW SHURA, at last! after the phenomenal “Touch”, her new single definitely does not disappoint. “Just Once” is a dreamy, tender and heartwrenching ballad about the thrill (or futility) of a one night stand (“If you get my name wrong I won’t get pissed off / cuz I wish I was somebody else”). so, so good.

Banks - Beggin for Thread


"Dead and Buried" by Main Beach // Dead and Buried - Single (Out Now // Free Download via Bandcamp)

You know that feeling that you get when you hear a song and you just know that you’re going to spend a lot of time listening to it on repeat? I had that feeling immediately upon hearing “Dead and Buried” from Sydney’s Main Beach. For four minutes you are transported to that place where nostalgia meets reality - the end of a perfect summer before heading back to school, or that place where that crush you’ve harbored for months transitions to somethign serious and there’s no going back. It’s that sort of youthful nostalgia that permeates throughout every note of “Dead and Buried”. On face value, it could as well just be a laid back summer beach jam, but there’s a faded beauty to it that feels more melancholic than triumphant. It’s a killer track and one that you can grab for free at Bandcamp right now. Highly recommended for fans of Ducktails, Seapony, and Sea Lions.

Starsmith - Now I Feel Good

a huge dose of disco and tons of feel-good vibes.

2:54 - Orion

Alvvays - Party Police

you don’t have to leave / you could just stay here with me
forget all the party police / we can find comfort in debauchery

how have I never caught on to Alvvays before? the tunes in their self-titled debut album are sweet without being too cloying, and awash with breezy hooks and melodic guitar waves (my personal highlight “Party Police”). it’s romantic and nostalgic, perfect to soundtrack a bittersweet ride into the summer. for fans of Best Coast and Yuck.

Femme - Killer (Adamski & Seal cover)

an updated, still totally groovy cover.

"Trouble in paradise" is giving me so much joy.

Sivu - Particles

Sivu weaves poetry through his honest and elegaic lines, his voice swelling from a whisper to a heartfelt cry ("consolidate / then eradicate me"). the beauty presented here is overwhelming.

The Staves - Mexico (A Nokia Lumia Live Session for La Blogotheque)

quiet nights are made of this.

Bat for Lashes - Skin Song

I’ve blushed and I have bruised
Felt the passing of youth
I’ve bled and I have healed
Held babes in my arms
Counted lovers counted scars
The prayers when I had you

who knew the subject of biology could turn out something as beautiful as this? Bat for Lashes’ contribution to "Body of Songs" is an elegant, deeply moving allegory about one’s life lived, and testified in skin.