all things said.

Little Dragon - Pretty Girls (Gold Fields remix)

Aussie dance-pop act Gold Fields have infused “Pretty Girls” with oodles of balearic charm and chill.

Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were

Oh hello love, for you I have so many words
but I, 
I forget where we were

Charli XCX - Break the Rules

I don’t wanna go to WORK / I just wanna break the rules

Have been momentarily, and unsuspectingly, neglecting music while I get all caught up in the Great British Bake Off. but can you really blame me?

Josef Salvat - Shoot and Run

epic balladry.

Jessie Ware - Say You Love Me

Lily & Madeleine - The Wolf is Free

sisters making harmonies are the best balm for the start of the week.

Billie Marten - Unaware

Billie Marten is 14. FOURTEEN. this means she was born in 2000, in this millenium. which is truly mind-boggling, given the gravitas and world-weary air she carries in her lovely acoustic numbers. and oh, that voice (for more proof, listen to her La Roux cover below). this girl has a ways to go yet, and if she already sounds like this, I can’t imagine how she’ll turn out later.  

Neon Bunny - It’s You

in the highly manufactured, factory-produced world of Kpop, it’s refreshing to see an artiste break out on her own with bedroom pop as polished as this. an immediate contrast is Neon Bunny’s hushed and intimate vocals. set against fantastic R&B beats and gleaming electronics, the result is immaculate and flawless.

stream: Say Lou Lou - Games For Girls



Say Lou Lou have their big nu disco moment with new single Games For Girls, the first official single leading up to their long-awaited full-length Lucid Dreaming (set for a February 2, 2015 release). The twins collaborated with one of the finest producers in the genre / their personal favorite Lindstrøm; the disco rhythm sits strong against their usually straight-forward, ethereal grand pop songs: consider it the girls’ own little guilty pleasure (aptly titled Games For Girls).

Eliot Sumner - Come Friday

Eliot Sumner (formerly I Blame Coco) injects her husky voice (probably inherited from dad, Sting) with some proper grunge sensibilities into this electrifying rock banger. the chorus is anthemic and the melody is gravity-defying. stream her excellent EP “Information” below.

Ben Howard - End of the Affair

this coloured my entire day in wonderful and wistful shades of blue.

Ryn Weaver - Promises

after bursting fantastically into the scene with “OctaHate”, Ryn Weaver delivers again with “Promises”. it’s quirky, and full heart-on-sleeve in its exuberant melodies. watch out for an explosion of Ryn Weaver in the pop waves this year!